Rainbow Laces Tournament 2021

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Show your support for LGBTQ+ inclusion in sport & attend our Charity Cup match on Sunday 26th June 2022. Tickets are just £2pp. 


The Sheffield Rainbow Laces Charity Cup is back for the first time since 2019 and this time it's all change!

Since 2019, Sheffield Rainbow Laces & Rainbow Blades have come along way and we are revamping how the Charity Cup runs and making it better then ever!

The Sheffield Rainbow Laces Charity Cup is jointly supported by Sheffield Rainbow Laces, Rainbow Blades & Sheffield United Community Foundation.   

This event is a mixed gendered 11 a side football match held at Olympic Legacy Park. The Olympic Legacy Park has undergone a multimillion pound transformation and is a great location to get this event back up and going. This event is open to anyone to sign up as a player. This year it will be mixed gendered and the rules will specifically set out how many male and female players should be on the pitch at anyone time. Basically, think Soccer Aid.   

In collaboration with Sheffield United Community Foundation this event will have a full matchday feel and include spectators, food & drink, music, trophy presentation as well as much more. Please keep an eye on our social media channels for all the updates.  

The event is fully inclusive and open to all players, all genders and sexual orientations, all abilities.

We have 30 spaces available, 15 per team and it is ONLY £10 per player. The teams on the day will be Rainbow Blades & Sheffield United Community Foundation and too ensure this remains in the spirit of the event we will be selecting which team you are representing.

This event is about LGBTQ+ inclusion in football but also we want it to be fun for everyone involved.   

Player/Match rules 
£10 per player (For this you will get a pair of rainbow laces (if needed) & a personalised football shirt) 
The match is 11 a side and will be mixed gendered. (Think Soccer Aid)  
It is been dubbed as Rainbow Blades Vs Sheffield United Community Foundation but when you sign up you won't be assigned to a certain team. The teams will be a mix of players and the organisers will evenly share out players between the teams.  
15 players each team, 30 max players.  
At anyone time there must be 3 or 4 female players on the pitch for each side. Specific rules will be drawn up closer to the match.  
Rolling subs. 
90mins then extra time & penalties if needed.  
Official referees and linesmen will be officiating the match. 
Trophies and medals will be provided for winning team and medals for runners up. 

Rough running order (subject to change) 
Sunday 26th June 2022
9am – Organisers arrival & set up
11am – Players arrive 
11.30am – Spectators arrive
12pm – Players warmups 
12.25pm – Players guard of honour entrance (Champions League music) 
12.30pm – 1st Half 
1.15pm – Halftime 
1.30pm – 2nd Half 
2.15pm – Extra time or Full time
2.20pm – 1st Half extra time 
(2.30pm – Trophy presentation, closing speeches if ended at full time) 
2.40pm – 2nd Half extra time 
3pm – Penalties if needed
(3.15pm - Trophy presentation, closing speeches)

As well as raising awareness for LGBTQ+ inclusion in football we are also raising funds for our charity partner, SAYiT. 
We also want to make clear even though this match is for an important campaign it is all a bit of fun and should be played in the right spirit.